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Welcome to Enbar

ENBAR REAL ESTATE was established on a vision which seeks to steer to a better future by presenting the region with enhanced quality of life and living standards. Identifying the need to advance the issue of urban development and growth across all segments of the property market, we at ENBAR believe that the key element of this revolution is change - a change from within.

In line with the OMAN VISION 2040, we have endeavored to pledge ourselves to provide ‘all-embracing’ results to all our valued clients across the industry; property & services that combine traditional as well as modern design with advanced technologies, meeting our patrons’ objectives and expectations through superior standards of performance & service.

With this as our core philosophy, we are confident of establishing a nationwide leadership position in all aspects of the property industry. Besides business expansion, ENBAR is also resiliently dedicated to playing a key role in accomplishing its social obligations by persevering to environmental, lawful and ethical systems. The aim is for ENBAR to be a professional and receptive corporate entity, which positively alters the quality of life of society significantly. Welcome to our world!"

Mahmood Mohammed Awadh Al Falahi

Chief Executive Officer

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Peaceful Home

Beyond Concrete

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ENBAR are a team of experienced and passionate property professionals with expertise in all aspects of the property industry. With their exceptional insight, proficiency and depth of perception, our people are essential to our success. Our professionals blend local knowledge and market-driven insights with national & international wealth of expertise and experience. Leveraging their creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, they collaborate across disciplines and borders to consistently provide the finest property services of enduring value.

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