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Leasing Services

At ENBAR, our aim is to establish lasting relationship with tenants and agents in every market in which we operate. This kind of consultative relationship starts with a thorough understanding of what tenants or agents require. Our in-house leasing professionals understand markets and tenants in a myriad of ways that organizations that outsource this critical function cannot. In each of our markets, whether lands, commercial spaces/shops, villas, residential apartments or rooms, our on-the-ground leasing teams speak with tenants, agents and even other real estate operators, gathering real-time market knowledge to develop forward-looking projections that are invaluable to us and our partners.

Tenants’ needs vary by market, as do agencies, and these needs often change over time. By having our own network, we are able to track the pulse of each particular market, enhancing our understanding of the forces driving value equation in those markets. This knowledge affords us the ability not only to create greater value in the properties we own or manage, but also to accurately evaluate and underwrite new investments.

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