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Property Sales & Resales

Historically, the property business witnesses a never-ending cycle of growth, followed closely by corrections and downturns in a market where fortunes are made and lost. Shifting market conditions and emerging markets are a source of great opportunity for both selling existing assets and purchasing new ones. ENBAR works with clients in strategically evaluating their real estate positions and plans, with an eye on market environments, growth in the local market and future potential for the property or site.

ENBAR have assisted a wide cross section of clients, from individual to governmental entities and private to corporate, to sort out the complex business of residential / commercial real estate transactions and development projects. We can provide expertise in the critical sale and purchase stages for lands, commercial buildings, offices, commercial shops, residential apartments and villas by providing feasibility analysis, planning and legal entitlement procedures and issues with team coordination.

Whether listing a property for sale or representing our clients in acquiring new investment properties and primary residences, ENBAR brings the same trusted brand to resale services as we do with development or professional property development and management.

•    Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis
•    Seamless sales transition
•    Legal agreements and registration procedures
•    Concurrent price comparatives and property valuation
•    Expansive agent’s network
•    Listing Exposure on multiple platforms and websites

Property Resales: Service
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