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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing is the science of bringing a complex creation to a fragmented market to achieve pinnacle sales results. ENBAR's Project Marketing team has the local, regional & international experience, network and passion to deliver a streamlined 360º sales campaign through the most efficient and effective means possible. Our adaptable framework applies extensive research, effective pricing, branding, agent aggregation, marketing and administration to achieve forecast project targets. Within our proven model, we take development stock to appropriate channels and integrate research, planning, sales and contract management to maximize the marketing budget. Our two-tiered strategic goal is to drive buyer enquiry and achieve sales; our conversion rates are high because we provide the best possible client service and support throughout the sales process. Serving us to deliver is a network of the industry’s best specialists, as well as long-term associations with selected regional and global real estate agencies. 

Our expertise and experience encompass all types and classes of residential, commercial, industrial, high-rise, planned communities and prime mixed-use projects.

To ensure results & delivery through our teams we:
•    Aim to deliver peak level of service in the market place in an entrepreneurial and bespoke manner.
•    Maximize the potential value of your residential/commercial development.
•    Deliver key and analytical advice to clients at all times.
•    Cover all aspects of the process for our clients, ensuring all convoluted details covered.

Marketing Strategy and Reports: Highlighting the key routes to market, whether in Oman, the Middle East or international markets and reporting on the latest trends and developments.

Price Matrix: Ongoing pricing evaluation, as markets move we review the local pricing to ensure we are ahead and able to maximize profit margins throughout the sales cycle.

Sales Campaign Management: Putting together the right marketing strategy for the development and its location. Highlighting the right buyers, investors and working with our regional & global network to ensure maximum sales.  We offer a selection of sales strategies along with our branding & media partners to fit your business model and the development.

Site Sales and After Sales Service: Depending on the size of the development we will execute the right sales team for your scheme and provide full after sales support for each client and development.

Sales & Marketing: Services
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