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Facilities Management
Enbar Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance of mechanical, electrical & plumbing services in any property is a significant overhead, making it essential to maintain installed equipment cost effectively, without compromising the property's ability to function. Our experience of managing ‘in-house’ maintenance staff and specialist contractors covering a range of building types means we can take care of the entire process for you.  Every property is unique, so Enbar works with the client to identify the priority functions and develop a cost-effective maintenance regime to ensure that these are reliable. This makes us a single solution to ensuring installed systems are maintained reliably, safely and cost-effectively.


We also have a full-service professional cleaning company that specializes in the cleaning of residential properties, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, gyms, offices and other commercial establishments. Our comprehensive and thorough cleaning services is what sets us apart from others. The company always strives to keep ahead with the latest cleaning technologies using environmentally friendly materials and conforming to international specifications. Contact us for full details.

Mopping the Floor

We offer a flexible range of professional cleaning services for all residential and commercial properties.

Our staff are highly motivated and reliable, fully trained and experienced to give you the best results.

Our main goal is to deliver the best possible services and client satisfaction at competitive prices.

All our products are Eco-Friendly cleaning chemicals and quality detergents.


The work we do is underpinned by our values of respect, responsibility, integrity, excellence in cleaning and innovation at all times, helping us to create long-term, successful partnerships with our clients everywhere.

Mopping the Floors
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